Reefs World

CAUTION!! This site is meant for people who enjoy wargames as exactly that - "GAMES". This is a site for gamers who get the occasional rule wrong and don't take themselves or their games too seriously. If you are a part of the ruling elite or engage in endless pontifications about gaming subrules, this is not the site for you. Consimworld is a superb site that almost certainly can answer all of your queries on particular games and should be used if required as a reference tool. This site is for a "community" of people who like pushing cardboard counters around representing soldiers on tea stained battle maps and want to watch the occasional video review!

If you enjoy counter and hex, block and card driven wargames then I hope you'll like my site. If there is sufficient interest and participation then I'll continue to update it regularly with new items including video reviews. Please feel free to contribute to the forums... tell us what you're playing at the moment? What's on your wish list and why?