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 SHIFTING SANDS a brief review

At the request of our host I thought I would pen my thoughts on this 'classic' from the world of CDG (Card Driven Wargames).A true 'son of POG' (if you don't know what POG is-you're not a true wargamer!)
Each card can be played for moving units (ops), moving them long distance (Strategic Redeployment), new men & material (Replacements), or the event.(Caveat-some do more then one of these!)This gives the classic dilema-do I move troops,refit them from past losses, play this event, or redeploy to meet a new threat?You are always on a knifedge, playing the cards you have.Each has a number between 2-5, the number of points you get for each category you want to use it for, but you may not 'mix & match'.
The Allies have lots of units,lots of reinforcements & of course the actual real life winners,but start out quite weak.They also have 3 different theatres to worry about-N Africa/Near East & East Africa. The Axis have Rommel!! They initially have the upper hand, with superb ability to attack, with column shifts & fast moving tank units (15th & 21st Panzer ),plus good defensive terrain in Tunisia in which to defend in early 43.It's true they have the Italians as allies, but they can be good at holding the flanks etc.
The games I have seen/played in are usually very close, coming right down to the wire.The victor is decided in the last turn of the game & seldom never more than by +/- 1 VP,making a very close game.
It is true the cards can come out in the 'wrong order', so you may not get the units you want as early as you want them,plus some events have pre-requisists, but this is all part of the 'chaos' of war.You are the General in charge of the Middle East Theatre, thus have no say in what units are sent to you from the UK or Germany/Italy,when the USA comes in/when Torch will happen-you just have to plan/adapt-just like real generals!

Whew! Any thoughts/comments/suggestions most welcome!


02/08/2011 13:58

Thanks so much Derek, Hope you dont mind that I shifted your review from "jibberish" to its own "post". Its too good to go under the heading of jibberish anyway!

PS The spirit of this website is to enjoy and/or add to peoples thoughts. Please feel free to discuss with Derek.

02/08/2011 14:00

Just a thought. How do troops move between the three regions or don't they?

02/08/2011 14:05

Martin-they can move between theatres.The Allies can SR troops, to any port, plus overland, as long it's in friendly territory.The Axis can too, but are limited getting troops to E Africa-ie they don't control the seas.Each country has what's called a Reserve Box, you can move these troops to supply enters (Capitals etc).f course you can actually just 'walk' there, but this may take some time-whilst your opponent is doing something else!

02/08/2011 14:33

When you say overland in friendly territory (SR), does it have to be "controlled/occupied" territory or can it simply be territory that has previously had Axis or Allies present? IE does one of your troops have to be present in these territories or just been there before?

02/09/2011 09:06

To SR a unit ,the territory must be YOURS, ie last to pass through it.

07/16/2012 16:18

THX for info

09/25/2012 22:30

good post


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