Reefs World
Verdict 4 out of 5


04/20/2011 12:55

Pretty much bang on mate!

I think you hit the nail on the head. A good sound knowledge of (the events) of WW2 give you an advantage in the game.The more fronts you can open up as the Allies, forces the Axis to divide up their forces accordingly.Then with the later deck structure it can the the Allies the tools they need to hurt the Axis & take back the territory they need to win.

That said, the game only requires the Germans to have 1 VP at game end to win!

Chris Finlay
05/07/2012 05:26

Hi excellent review I'm torn between investing in this one or Europe Engulfed if I can get a seond hand copy (which I see you have as your header photo) what do you prefer and is there a chance of you reviewing Europe Engulfed some time

07/18/2012 03:55

I love this game a nice balance of gameplay and historical feel. Some complain that its too scripted (ie with sequenced events) I dont see it that way. So many options each turn and never enough cards to do everything you want/need. Am always thinking of new strategies to try if the cards allow :-)

09/27/2012 05:02

Great info, thx


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