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Verdict 2 out of 5


02/06/2011 10:40

Hi Reef Bang on with the review ! My memories of the game mirror yours.The other games come with the same style of rulebook (with it's drawbacks!),only the scenario booklet with each game makes the difference. Only problem -most of the scenarios are very unbalanced, albeit historical, so not much fun for the losing historical side (Russians in 1941 anyone!?)

02/06/2011 12:03

Thanks Derek, Next episode is Afrika Korps. Which entries do you have from the series?

Kent Reuber
02/06/2011 17:16

The Airborne module isn't a very good introduction to the Panzer Grenadier system. In face, Avalanche Press has since discontinued it. I'd suggest that people looking for an introductory Panzer Grenadier game look at the less expensive stand-alone games in the series such as Elsenborn Ridge. It's also worth noting that Avalanche has a print-and-play version of Panzer Grenadier on their web site. If you have enough patience, you can download the rules, boards, and counters to try a couple of scenarios.

02/07/2011 11:40

I have the Base game,(Russia 41-early 42),plus the Airborne module,the Battle of the Bulge along with The Russian Guards extra units (taking you into late 42)


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