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Verdict 4 out of 5


02/11/2011 17:58

Slight error... Flank attack needs 4+ not 1-3 as mentioned. I put it down to my forehead getting sweaty under the lights!

02/12/2011 02:31

Very good review! A few issues re some of the points, but only minor ones-I think the Italians suffer a -1 Dice Roll modifier, not column shift, as do the Yanks.I understand what you mean re the 'chrome' in the game, you do need a good understanding of what happens when, what cards are coming out soon,plus what you need to be doing.Look forward to geting this on the table next weekend!

02/12/2011 04:56

Thanks Derek... came so close to nailing my first tidy review!! You're right Italians fight with a -1DRM (Must have been camera fright!)

Lets hope I have more luck on Sunday

Stephan Rasmussen
02/12/2011 08:05

Another enjoyable review. I dont think you should take a few negative comments from fans of PG too much to heart. I know there are very many people who really enjoy the videos and its always great to have more wargame content on BGG.

BGG is such a big site that a few negative comments are bound to happen as soon as you have an opinion and put it forward. I personally hate people/reviews that rate every game high and have had no issues with the ratings so far.

Carry on!

07/16/2012 17:48

Nice article bro


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